ISSN 0718-0918
Vol 5, N° 3, Diciembre 2008

Traqueostomía en niños: 7 años de experiencia Hospital Roberto del Río.
Santiago de Chile.

Ríos Deidán C. (1), Valenzuela M. (1) , Valdivieso J. (1) , Correía Dubos G. (1,2).

(1) Servicio de Cirugía Infantil.  Hospital de Niños Roberto del Río
(2) Jefe de Servicio Cirugía. Hospital de Niños Roberto del Río



        Background: The tracheostomy is performed frequently in pediatric hospitals. In past decades in our country the main indication was inflammatory acute airway obstruction, but in recently years his indications have changed

Objective: To analyze their demographics characteristics, morbidity and mortality and to know whether there was any group of patients has increased likelihood of complications

Method: Retrospective study, between January 2001 and December 2007, at the Roberto del Rio Children ' s Hospital in Santiago of Chile.

Results: We reviewed 56 patients, who underwent 66 tracheostomies. The gender male predominant with 62%. The median age at tracheostomy was 1.2 years, 80% were younger than three years and 9% were of emergency. The airway obstruction was the most common indication (71.4%), the acquired subglottic stenosis being its main cause (37.5%), the second group was prolonged ventilation 28.6%. We had 71% of complications, most frequently in largest of the year, = p <0.05, were divided into: ostomal 27%, airway 23% and tube 20%. Fifty six percent of patients had outpatient controls and were successfully decannulated. Eleven patients died and 1.8% was related to tracheostomy.

Conclusions: The indications come toward chronic diseases; despite than the mortality related to the tracheostomy is very low, it has a high rate of complications, so patients must be evaluated well before confirming surgery.

Key Words: Tracheostomy, indications, subglottic stenosis, complications

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